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Dude Parlor
Pearl Harbor

Format: CD

1. Where Did Ja Been
2. Dude Parlor (Pearl Harbor)
3. Bite My Dog
4. The Martini
5. Pearl Harbor
6. Mass Transit
7. Yer A Nation
8. It's Cheese
9. Happy Disco Dance
10. Fossil Fuel
11. Send The Ladies Home
12. Chute And Bladder
13. Juji Fruit

Peter Michael Downes: Guitar, Vocals
Kent Kurzka: Guitar
John Vaglica: Bass
Dominic Vaglica: Congas and Bongos
John Duncan: Percussion
Pearl Harbor was recorded on 12-7-1997 and features John Cucka (drums), John Vaglica (bass), Wigsten (percussion), Dominic Vaglica (congas and bongos), Kent Kurzka (guitar) and Peter Michael Downes (guitar and vox). The CD Artwork was created by John Vaglica. .

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