Album Releases

Food Chain
Live At The Loft

Format: CD

1. G-Wire
2. Speed Racer
3. Poughkipsey
4. Interloper
5. Funeral Home
6. BMW
7. Caveman Mind
8. Tourniquet Tonight
9. Skinny Dog
10. Louie Louie
11. Clay
12. High!!!
13. Whose Deli
14. Copernicus
15. Ding Dong (to the best of bread)
16. Rotundra

Peter Michael Downes: Guitar, Vocals
John Duncan: Bass
Alex Sosa: Guitar
Randal Huiskens: Drums
Comin' right atcha punk jazz! Food Chain has been compared to such diverse acts as Frank Zappa, The Dead Kennedys and King Crimson. Find out for yourself with this recording of a classic live performance! Recorded live at one of Food Chain's now legendary loft parties, Live At The Loft is the only Have a Sandwich release that was not mixed down in Bigger than Huge Studios. The Food Chain logo was conceived and created by R. Huiskens and the CD Artwork was done by John Duncan..

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