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Songs About Fishing

Songs About Fishing is the second release by Freebus on Have A Sandwich Records. It features lush recording techniques and a big drum sound on many of the tracks. Tim Rutkowski's superb drumming is a big feature of the album, along with Freebus' expert guitar techniques.

The album starts with a beautiful articulated acoustic guitar that is then challenged by a distorted heavy vocal line, portending the dichotomy of the entire album, which is a blend of heavy sound, light and lyrical melody and all things in between. Freebus deftly moves from the heavy sonic slab of music "Ridin' Low", featuring a gigantic guitar sound, to the light and lyrical sounds of "Where Are Them Shootin' Stars." The true center-piece of the album is "So Many Stars," which transports you to the magical place where the music was written.

A 2 disc set, the second CD features many of the original "field recordings" that are the basis for the album. The album concludes with a tribute to the late Jeff Szeremet, a friend and confidant of Freebus who passed away at too young an age. Featuring a great repeating descending guitar motif, it is a fitting close for an album that balances heavy rock and pastoral images of nature.

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Format: CD

1. Gasoline
2. I Got No Blood On My Hands
3. Ridin' Low
4. So Many Stars
5. No Water In
6. Mark Akgulian
7. I Hope It's Not For Me
8. The Future
9. It's Only Rain
10. Just Got Back From The Lake
11. Where Are Them Shootin' Stars
12. Fill This Side

1. I'm Gonna Fish
2. Camp Ranora (Part III)
3. No Pipe
4. Cookin' Bullhead
5. Mark Akgulian
6. Where Are The Fireflies
7. So Many Stars
8. Ridin' Low
9. Gasoline
10. Just Got Back From The Lake
11. No Water In
12. Fill This Side
13. Cabernet Savignon
14. Where Are Them Shootin' Stars
15. What Day
16. It's Only Rain
17. The Future
18. I Hope It's Not For Me
19. I Got No Blood On My Hands
20. It's Hard (But It's Easy
21. Fill This Side (Part II)
22. No Score