Album Releases

The Yeti

Format: CD

1. The Yeti
2. People Too
3. Born In Pennsylvania
4. Concentrate
5. Charlie
6. Romping Through The Everglades
7. Nobody Understands
8. Thin Black Line

Released in 2000, The Yeti is the first of Freebus' 2 solo releases. Dominic Vaglica played drums on the title track "The Yeti", "Born in Pennsylvania", "Concentrate", "Romping through the Everglades", and "Thin Black Line". Wigsten contributed trumpet and trombone on "The Yeti" and Crazy Tim contributed sax on "The Yeti" as well as percussion in "Charlie". The CD artwork was done by Bil Bitz. The painting that the artwork is based on was done by R. Huiskens and can still be found proudly on display at Bigger Than Huge Studios. .

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