Album Releases

God Wafer
Music For Heathens

Format: CD

1. Go Go Go
2. Afghanistanima
3. Atom Bomb
4. Pick It Up
5. Gusto Tangerine
6. Centipede
7. Skin Tone Phone
8. Go Go Go (Slight Return)
9. Diamonds In Your Rubber Boots
10. Slapshot Shooter
11. Very Good Blues
12. Poker With A Joker
13. Hoochie Koochie Mama
14. The Final Sour

Released in 2005, "Music for Heathens" features the original lineup of Superfly, Dyno, and Gusto Tangerine, but also includes the addition of Johnny Everwood on keyboards and stand-up drums. The addition of Johnny Everwood brought Funk Punkin' Roll Rock to a whole new level as featured in the songs "Atom Bomb" and "Poker with a Joker". The album also features God Wafer's Devil and Angel (Vapor and Rooftop Honey) on bvox. Videos from this era can be viewed from God Wafer's home page at Both the logo and CD Artwork were conceived and created by Randal Huiskens.

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