Album Releases

God Wafer
The Host With The Most

Format: CD

1. Pollution Revolution
2. Walk The Talk
3. Stinky Sloppy Sweaty Stupid Drunk
4. Smurf Without A Mom
5. Red Red Wine
6. I Get High
7. Smoke Rock Now
8. Old Cars

Gusto Tangerine: Guitar, Vocals
Superfly Russell: Bass
Dyno: Drums
The album starts with a well thought argument against pollution... the first thing you hear is a garbage truck... but this album is much brighter than that... moving through smooth rock songs about drinking red wine to their biggest hit "Smurf Without A Mom." Bits of heavy rock are interspersed, especially with the drug addled song "Smoke Rock Now." It ends with the really cool mellow memory of "Old Cars." A well thought out debut album and a great listen that you will enjoy with anyone in the room..

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