Album Releases

Kentucky Jelly
Cold Fusion Winniebago

Format: CD

1. Kamchatka
2. Keep On Movin' South
3. The Spanish Conquest of Wisconsin
4. Devil Woman
5. Scrutiny Palace Heaven Mart
6. New Dude Parlor
7. What We're Livin' For
8. Just Another Day
9. Arms And Legs
10. I Can't Find My Underwear
11. White Trash
12. Closer
13. The Forgotten Sponge
14. Tadpoles In Black Bean Sauce
15. Money Shot

Peter Michael Downes: Guitar, Guitar Synth, Vox
John Duncan: Bass, Moog Synth
Matt Fisher: Bass
Tim Rutkowski: Sax, Congas
Dominic Vaglica: Drums, Congas)
Mike Smith: Drums
Cold Fusion Winniebago, released in 2000, was the first of three Kentucky Jelly records. Featured on WXRT's Local Anesthetic and described by Richard Milne as "one of the best records I have listened to this year", this record led to a live on the air performance at WZRD as well as a Friday night performance at the Double Door with Pere Ubu. The CD artwork was created by Bil Bitz.

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