Album Releases

Kentucky Jelly
Heave Bucket

Format: CD

1. Nuthin' To King
2. Heavebucket
3. I'm Alive
4. Boogie Sugar Man
5. Crack Of Dawn
6. Inspired By A Pile Of Bile
7. Superfly's House
8. New Kids In Hell
9. Ridin' My Bike
10. Madagascar

Peter Michael Downes: Guitar, Guitar Synth, Slide Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonic, Vox
John Duncan: Bass
Matt Fisher: Bass
Tim Rutkowski: Sax, Hand Drums
Brad Rutkowski: Drums
The second of three Kentucky Jelly records, Heavebucket was released on 2001 and features the same line up as Cold Fusion Winniebago with one exception, Enzo replaces Dominic Vaglica on drums. All songs were written and recorded in one day. The artwork was done by Bil Bitz.

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