Album Releases

God Wafer
The Host With The Most

Format: CD

1. Pollution Revolution
2. Walk The Talk
3. Stinky Sloppy Sweaty Stupid Drunk
4. Smurf Without A Mom
5. Red Red Wine
6. I Get High
7. Smoke Rock Now
8. Old Cars

Gusto Tangerine: Guitar, Vocals
Superfly Russell: Bass
Dyno: Drums
The first of 2 God Wafer releases, The Host with the Most was released in 2003 and features the hit and cult favorite "Smurf without a mom". The album features Dyno on drums, Superfly on bass, and Gusto Tangerine on guitar and vox. The CD Artwork was done by R. Huiskens who joined the band during the production of the CD. .

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