Album Releases

Scanning Babies

12 rockin' tracks from this power trio. Includes tracks "Bofe" and "Narcissists Bossa Nova." More >

God Wafer
Music For Heathens

Party down with the guys in the gowns! Includes tracks "Atom Bomb," "Slapshot Shooter," and "Poker With A Joker." More >

Songs About Fishing

2 Disc set from the original patriarch of Have A Sandwich productions. Contains track "So Many Stars." More >

Kentucky Jelly
Cold Fusion Winniebago

Featured on WXRT's Local Anesthetic and described by Richard Milne as "one of the best records I have listened to this year." More >

Food Chain
Live At The Loft

Comin' right atcha punk jazz! Food Chain has been compared to such diverse acts as Frank Zappa, The Dead Kennedys and King Crimson. More >

Kentucky Jelly
Heave Bucket

The second of three Kentucky Jelly records, Heavebucket was released on 2001. All songs were written and recorded in one day. More >

Here is a list of some of the other great releases from Have A Sandwich over the past two decades. We will be updating this page with more complete information, including liner notes and information on how to purchase.

GOD WAFER - The Host with the Most
The first of 2 God Wafer releases, The Host with the Most was released in 2003 and features the hit and cult favorite "Smurf without a mom". The album features Dyno on drums, Superfly on bass, and Gusto Tangerine on guitar and vox. The CD Artwork was done by R. Huiskens who joined the band during the production of the CD.

KENTUCKY JELLY - Heavebucket
The second of three Kentucky Jelly records, Heavebucket was released on 2001 and features the same line up as Cold Fusion Winniebago with one exception, Enzo replaces Dominic Vaglica on drums. All songs were written and recorded in one day. The artwork was done by Bil Bitz.

TURTLE PORN - Turtle Porn
Turtle Porn was recorded and produced by (Crazy) Tim Rutkowski and Freebus, although Superfly contributed lyrics to Witch Hunt, Twice as much as the first, Real as Life, and Weaving the Web. Crazy Tim performs on drums, sax, percussion, ukelele, and vocals. Freebus plays bass, guitar, guitar synthesizer, and vocals. With the huge amount of Turtle Porn material that has recently been discovered, a second Turtle Porn release is currently under consideration. The artwork for this album was done by Bil Bitz.

FREEBUS - The Yeti
Released in 2000, The Yeti is the first of Freebus' 2 solo releases. Dominic Vaglica played drums on the title track "The Yeti", "Born in Pennsylvania", "Concentrate", "Romping through the Everglades", and "Thin Black Line". Wigsten contributed trumpet and trombone on "The Yeti" and Crazy Tim contributed sax on "The Yeti" as well as percussion in "Charlie". The CD artwork was done by Bil Bitz. The painting that the artwork is based on was done by R. Huiskens and can still be found proudly on display at Bigger Than Huge Studios.

Released in 1997, Mega Esophagus the inception of the 2-bass guitar concept later expanded on and perfected by Kentucky Jelly. The group features Wigsten and John Vaglica (JV) on bass guitars, John Cucka on drums, and Freebus on guitar and guitar synthesizer as well as vocals on the one song with vocals, "Why do you smell?". The CD Artwork was created by John Vaglica. The album is no longer in print.

KENTUCKY JELLY - Milk of Amnesia
Milk of Amnesia has not yet been officially released, but it is now complete so I am including it in the album. MOA is a 'best of' from all the Kentucky Jelly sessions since the release of Heavebucket. As such it includes a vast array of Have a Sandwich players including, Enzo (drums), L.Roy Wooly (bass), Superfly (bass), Wigsten (bass & bvox), Andy Wyatt (guitar & bvox), Freebus (guitar and vox), Bil Bitz (percussion and bvox), Crazy Tim (Sax, percussion, bvox) and Furley (percussion). The CD artwork was conceived and created by Bil Bitz.

DUDE PARLOR - Pearl Harbor
DPearl Harbor was recorded on 12-7-1997 and features John Cucka (drums), John Vaglica (bass), Wigsten (percussion), Dominic Vaglica (congas and bongos), Kent Kurzka (guitar) and Freebus (guitar and vox). The CD Artwork was created by John Vaglica.

SCANNING BABIES - Government Approved
Released in 2003, Government Approved includes the best songs from 4 improv sessions from March 2002 to the end of 2002. The album features Crazy Tim on Drums (with overdubs on sax, percussion, and bvox), L.Roy Wooley on bass (with overdubs on bvox) and Freebus on guitar and vox (with overdubs on guitar synthesizer).