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Have a Sandwich was started in 1995 as way for recording artist Pete Downes to distribute his own home recordings. As time passed, the catalog grew, and soon Have A Sandwich was attracting other musicians. As the contributions from various artists grew, so did the label. By the 21st century, Have A Sandwich was no longer just a way for Pete to distribute his music; it had become a real independent label, featuring the work of several Chicago area musicians and groups.

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Scanning Babies - Devolver

Scanning Babies

"Devolver" was the second Scanning Babies release following the initial release Government Approved released in 2003. This album was released posthumously for the drummer: Tim Rutkowski (Crazy Tim). Scanning Babies features Crazy Tim on drums, L.Roy Wooley on bass, and Freebus on vox and guitar. R. Huiskens performed on drums at the CD release party May 3rd, 2008. Many of these performances can be viewed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/cinnamonjack. The CD artwork was done by Bil Bitz.

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